Who are we:

The African Fair Trade Society is a Fair trade company who works with people in Senegal and Ghana to create Shea butter. With the Shea butter they create products such as soap, shampoo and skin lotion. Profits from the AFTS goes towards health and education infrastructure in the western parts of Africa.

Company Information

Buying Shea butter from this company helps support a women dominated industry in Western Africa. It helps these strong women support their family, earn fair wages and learn skills they never would have had the chance to learn. It also helps fund a lunch program started back in 2008 which has helped double the kids enrollment school.


Phone Number: 604-338-5346


African Fair Trade Society Box 118-2646 East Hastings Vancouver BC, V5K 1Z6 Canada.

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Hair Care Combo 123

This package deal has three of African Fair Trade Society’s finest products. It includes the Energizing Shampoo, Rejuvenating Conditioner and the Revitalizing Scalp tonic. These three products together create an easy and quick hair routine anyone could follow.

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