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Aldea Maya is a non profit organization working in the Lake Atitlan area of the Guatemalan highlands. The Lake Atitlan area was struck by a mudslide in 2005 and the Mayan people that reside in that area were severely affected by this natural disaster which led to very poor living conditions. This led to the formation of Aldea Maya. In the early stages, one of  the founders of Aldea Maya managed to sponsor 50 children while raising money to improve the water sanitation within the area.  Individuals had to relocate to a new location and were provided homes by the government, but it wasn’t sufficient to improve their living conditions. This is where Aldea Maya stepped in and took initiatives to help in numerous ways. They focused on sustainability and began to provide healthy food and clean water. Since then, Aldea Maya has initiated a wide range of programs including their Education Program, Garden and Nutrition Program, Income Generating Program and Water Filters Project.

Aldea Maya’s Garden and Nutrition Program



In 2012, Aldea Maya along with the Chukmuk village community started a community school. The Guatemalan government does not provide any financial aid, due to this Aldea Maya collects monetary donations and equipment to provide for students who cannot afford them. With poor living conditions, many villagers cannot receive education past the 6th grade. With the introduction of this middle school, several students have received further education and continue to build future careers. Aldea Maya has enabled 24 children to enroll in university courses with future careers as Lab Technicians, Lawyers, Social Workers, Trades, and more. Aldea Maya collects donations for their Education Program which directly go towards student’s uniforms, enrolment fees, backpacks, shoes, school supplies, etc. Aldea Maya also provides free internet and photocopying for their students. This Program goes a long way in helping indigenous Mayans become independent. 

In this video you will meet a brilliant young man named Marvin. Without the help of Aldea Maya, Marvin would not have continued his education past Grade 6. In 2012, Aldea Maya provided school supplies for Marvin and in 2013 he was sponsored. Marvin had a dream of becoming an architect, and with the help of Aldea Maya he will receive a full degree in math, physics, and computers in 2021 with top marks in the country.



Through this program, Aldea Maya teaches students the importance of different plants, vegetables and fruits. They are also taught how to grow and cook nutritious food which helps tackle hunger among the community. The different projects under this program are- Chaya Project, Banana Project, Papaya Project, Citrus Tree Project, School Gardens, Mini-Greenhouse and Vegetable Gardens. By encouraging children about growing vegetables and eating them, Aldea Maya can influence their nutritional status long term.

Video of Aldea Maya’s Garden and Nutrition Program
Video of Maria’s Garden


Christmas Cards

Aldea Maya has been working with students on Vancouver Island to design Holiday and Christmas cards. All proceeds collected through the sale of these cards directly funds Aldea Maya’s Education and Garden/Nutrition programs.

Card prices:

$20 cards go towards Aldea Maya’s Garden and Nutrition Programs.

$40 cards go towards purchasing school supplies for one student.

To inquire about purchasing a Holiday or Christmas Card please email aldeamayaca@gmail.com 

The Face Behind Aldea Maya

Louise Sosa is the founder of Aldea Maya. Over the years, Louise has brought hope, inspiration, and dedication to the Guatemalan Highlands. Louise’s hard work is being widely recognized as she has been nominated and awarded Hero of the week from a US organization called Aplus.com earlier in the year.

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