BaskArts is an initiative to support marginalized artisans in Africa, by providing them with Fairtrade opportunities for their unique crafts. We mostly work with artisans in Zimbabwe as the founder is originally from Zimbabwe, but have recently started working with women artisans in Tanzania as well. Our products are mainly baskets, and a variety of beaded and wooden crafts.

BaskArts is solely owned and run by Rutendo, a Zimbabwean millennial who ventured to Canada 9 years ago for school. Rutendo’s father is a wire and stone sculptor, and she grew up surrounded by and appreciating art and crafts. With the economic problems that gripped Zimbabwe, Rutendo witnessed many artisans’ livelihood suffer as tourism declined and the cost of living increased. She started BaskArts in a mission to connect artisans with a bigger market where their crafts would be valued.


Contact: Rutendo Musharu

Etsy Store: etsy.com/shop/BaskArts

Email: rmusharu@gmail.com

Cell: 778 977-1308

 Best Contact: Email

Jute Beaded Purses and Beaded Flowers

Ecofriendly Purse made from:

    • environmentally friendly recycled Jute from Kenyan tea and coffee farmers
    • straps made of leather from old leather jackets and clothing
    • Rubber inner structure that makes it lightweight and waterproof
    • Beadwork design on the front
Price $55.00 each

Beaded Flowers:

Made from a wire frame, clothed with beads, the elegancy and purity of the Cala Lily and rose is perfectly crafted in this piece.

Price $20 each or $35 for two.
Wooden Animal Figurines and Beaded Wire Keyrings

These magnificent animal figurines are hand-carved from Jacaranda wood. A hot iron rod is used for the features of the figurine. Polish is then applied to give it a smooth finish.

15cm Meerkat
$18.99/$30 pair
20cm Meerkat
30cm Meerkat
15cm Hugging Meerkats
Beaded Wire Keyring
All Single Girrafes
32 cm Girrafe Lover Pair
Stalking Cheetah
Zebra/Zebra Pair
20cm Sitting Cheetah
50cm Sitting Cheetah
Tonga Baskets

Tonga Baskets where traditionally used for winnowing grains and have now become the latest trend in home décor. Handmade by the Tonga women in the remote village of Binga in Zimbabwe, these beauties take up to two weeks to weave and are made from plain and naturally dyed ilala Palm leaves. A collection of Tonga baskets makes a stunning wall collage. Please contact me for more pictures of Tonga Baskets.

The wall baskets are a shallow and almost flat bowl.

Deeper bowls for organizing purposes are also available

15-19 cm
20-24 cm
25-29 cm
30 -34 cm
35-40 cm
45-49 cm
50 - 55 cm
Iringa Baskets

The Iringa basket is handwoven by women in the Iringa region of Tanzania, with the skill passed on from previous generations. The Milulu grass that grows abundant and wild in the region is used. Though these baskets are traditional, their functionality and style is timeless. They make for an eye-catching planter, beautiful storage basket, kitchen organiser, or a bohemian decor item.

Regular Finish
Leather Finish
25cm * 25cm | $56
25cm * 25cm | $68
27cm *27cm | $64
27cm * 27cm | $88
31cm * 31cm | $108
31cm * 31cm | $108
34cm * 34cm | $120
Ebony Wood Coasters & Cow- bone saltshakers

Stunning set of six coasters in a coaster holder, hand carved out of Ebony hard wood. Each coaster has a carving of one of the African big 5 Animals; elephant, lion, rhino, cheetah, and buffalo. The six coasters are kept in a beautiful hand-crafted wooden casing that is also carved with the big 5 animals all around.
Ebony wood that is used is very valuable as an ornamental hardwood due to its texture, color, mirror finish when polished. Price $85.00 for the set and case holder.

The beautiful and unique salt and pepper sets are made from Cow bone, and the tops and bottoms from iron wood. They make for a unique gift and represents artisans making full use for a beast that is slaughtered for meat. Price $30 for the set.

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