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Since its founding in 1998, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) has advanced education and educational opportunities for Afghan women and their families and educated Canadians about human rights in Afghanistan. CW4WAfghan is a non-religious, non-political, federally registered charity and not-for-profit with over 2000 registered supporters and members in Canada. CW4WAfghan takes action, along with Afghan women, toward improving the condition of human rights in Afghanistan, ending women’s oppression, and providing opportunities for Afghan women to live their lives with dignity, certainty, and purpose. CW4WAfghan achieves this by implementing effective long-term sustainable educational programs that advance education and educational opportunities for women in Afghanistan, as well as inform and engage Canadian citizens. CW4WAfghan focuses on four main program areas: (1) Investment in Basic Education; (2) Afghanistan Reads! Afghanistan Lowalee! Community Libraries, Literacy and Books Program; (3) Technology for Education; and (4) Public Engagement.



The Investing in Basic Education program is helping to improve the quality of the education provided by training teachers who are working in the classrooms, expanding their access to educational resources through various projects: the Lantern Teacher Education Program including the Gender Equity in Teacher Training to Improve Girl’s Education in Afghanistan Project (GETT) Project, School Starter Kits, and the Fatema tul Zahra Girls School in Kabul.



Afghanistan Reads! | Afghanistan Lowalee! Responds to the low literacy rates and growth seen in the last decade by working to reinforce literacy skills, nurturing a culture of reading, and lifelong learning by combining literacy classes with small libraries for female adult literacy students. The program also enables teachers to improve literacy teachings, provides coaching for literacy teachers, and gives Afghan women access to practical, hands-on information, relevant to their needs in a safe and secure environment.


Technology for Education

The Technology for Education program works to address many educational challenges Afghanistan still faces by harnessing the potential of power and technology for teaching and learning purposes through various projects such as: The Darakht-e Danesh digital library (a collection of nearly 5,000 educational resources), DDL Lite (an offline library resource), providing Internet in Afghan Teacher Colleges, as well as teaching computer science and digital literacy programs.

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CW4WAfghan relies on generous donations and individual volunteers to ensure that education is provided to Women in Afghanistan and the quality and sustainability of their programs remain impactful. 

Featured Product

Knowledge Tree Mug Series:

CW4WAfghan has collaborated with the Vancouver Island based Pottery for Peace to directly support and raise awareness of the CW4WAfghan’s digital library for teachers in Afghanistan. These handmade ceramic mugs have a featured tree on the front side of the mug which denotes the ‘Darakht-e-Danesh i.e. knowledge tree in Dari. Pottery for Peace is donating proceeds from every sale to CW4WAfghan. The mugs are available in 4 different colours.

Price: $20

Please call Bev Oliver at 778-936-0909 if you wish to purchase an item from the Knowledge Tree Mug Series.


By purchasing one of these products, you are directly helping Women’s education in Afghanistan. Products will soon be available to purchase on Facebook Marketplace.

Red Pashminas

The Red Pashminas are made from pure and authentic materials in Afghanistan in the hands of Afghan women by Zardozi. Zardozi is a local Afghanistan not for profit organisation which believes in providing economic and social service to the women residing in Afghanistan.

Price: $25

To inquire about an order, please contact Bev Oliver at 778-936-0909.


Traditional Afghan Tribal Jewelry. These beautiful items come in an array of colours, styles, and designs. 

Price: $15-60

To inquire about an order, please contact Bev Oliver at 778-936-0909

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