Honestly Tea

The history of people talking and celebrating over a pot of “tea” goes back back 5,000+ years in China and the East.

I am very pleased to offer beautiful, Organic, Fair-Trade teas for my long-term clients – and to continue to offer them to all of you who already love our quality teas.

Having added seaweeds to my aromatherapy practice…and now to special Teas.

Teaching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of our fresh, local seaweeds – integrated with the extraordinary properties of essential oils & herbs – my new passion!

The ceremony surrounding serving and drinking tea is conducive to relaxation and de-stressing – taking time to savour and enjoy – especially with good company!

We are aware of even greater therapeutic qualities to many of our favourite teas and tisanes.

All teas are now recognized for health promoting properties… receiving dramatic attention for their anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. 

 ‘Honestly Tea’ is a perfect complement to living healthy…!

Christine Hopkins, Essential Oil Therapist

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