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Culture & Tradition Handcrafted

Originally founded in 2016, Indiarts Collective offers unique, quality handmade products that support and share our artisans’ work and spreads awareness of each product’s history and significance.

We thrive by supporting artisan communities in Latin America to preserve their indigenous and traditional cultures. Traditions that get passed on from generation to generation and that rely on the artisanal industry to continue to succeed.

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IndiArts Collective keeps respectful transparent relationships with our artisan partners by buying directly from them and paying their asking price. Our featured handmade products showcase their talents to global markets, helping them support their families and improve their quality of living. We travelled and interviewed the makers to learn about their experience and share the traditions behind each of their products. Bringing these items to a larger audience and providing their history on our site helps “Give artisans a voice” and aids with the conservation of indigenous and traditional communities and cultures around the world.

Featured Products

Our products, made by independent artisans or small family businesses in Colombia, Guatemala, Chile and Mexico, express the wisdom, beauty, uniqueness and richness of their makers,  and the complexity of Latin American culture and traditional craftsmanship.

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