It all started in 1997…

In 1997, four families came together with the idea of improving the lives of disadvantaged producers through trade. We were inspired by the work of Ten Thousand Villages and were keen to see the principles of Fair Trade applied to foods we consume every day.

Level Ground’s first Fair Trade initiative was buying coffee from a cooperative in Colombia.  The impact of this relationship has meant educational scholarships for over 200 students each year!  We’ve loved watching amazing students grow up to become incredible professionals including doctors, agronomists & social workers.

Because of the incredible support from our community, lots happened!

    • Trade relationships were formed in Bolivia, Peru, Ethiopia, Tanzania & D.R. Congo.
    • A Colombian company was formed to produce dried fruit and cane sugar and to provide positive employment for displaced women.
    • Trade relationships were started with; small-scale tea growers in India, heirloom rice farmers in the Philippines and finally with spice farmers in Sri Lanka & vanilla growers in Uganda.

In this video, Stacey Toews gives a short introduction and tour into their Saanich Peninsula location and introduces how the organization has more than 20+ experience and have been successful in the coffee production business along with the help of 35+ employees at the Saanich Peninsula location. 

By purchasing Level Ground products, you join in on this community impact!

The impact of fair trade looks different in every trade relationship. It is tailored to the needs of the different farming communities; healthcare benefits, school scholarships, agricultural technical training, co-op projects etc. It’s been an adventure in travel and trade! We are now honoured to have farmer friends around the world.

At home in Victoria, B.C. we;

Stick to a ‘zero to landfill’ mandate for our office & roasting facility.

Compost over 20,000 lbs of organic matter and reclaim 24,000 empty coffee packages/year.

Pay staff to bike, carpool or bus to work – this saves nearly 52,000 kms/year. That is almost one and a half times around the world!

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