Victoria Global Village store opened its first shop in 1988 in Victoria, BC. Over the past three decades, they have helped producers in 28 countries to sell their products in Canada. Recently, Victoria Global Village relocated to Hillside mall, where they hope to be for some time.

With this online virtual Fair Trade Fair, Victoria Global Village would like to inform their regular customers that they have changed the location of their store, as well as attract new customers.

Who We Are

The Global Village Store is a non-profit, volunteer-operated gift shop selling beautiful hand-made crafts, and teas from fair trade co-operatives around the world. The store is run by volunteers and profit is dispersed in grants, mostly to help producer groups get the training and equipment they need to improve their production. On a local level, we donate products to be used in silent auctions or as door prizes to support local non-profit groups.


Over our 30 years, we have $3,416,150 in sales. Of this revenue, we have spent $2,014,934 on products including the shipping and other related costs to receive the orders. We have also sent grants totalling up to $253,820.

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    Fair Trade Benefits

    Since 1988, the Global Village store has helped create employment for craftspeople in over 40 producer groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, providing an outlet where they can sell their goods for a fair price. Fair Trade benefits people all around the globe. In developing countries, fair trade is an important way to support people of developing countries make a fair living and become self-sustaining.

    Victoria Global Village Store sources their products from the following 28 countries:


    Baskets, greeting cards, clay and terracotta Christmas products such as coin banks and candle holders, leather items such as purses and wallets, and woven items such as bags, napkins, dish towels, scarves,  and rugs.


    Christmas decorations and purses made from handmade silk and cotton.  


    Victoria Global Village Store sells a large variety of products from India, including: greeting cards, wrapping paper, incense, jewelry, candles, purses, wall hangings, woolen socks, gloves, and hats, ritual items, and many more. 


    Products from Indonesia Include wall hangings, wood ring holders, spoons, instruments, boxes, Christmas items masks, scarves, baskets, and toys 


    Felt slippers in a variety of designs.


    Woven items, including: pencil cases, shawls, scarves, toys, coin purses, bags, pot holders, rugs, napkins, dish towels, and knitted hats. Additionally, Global Village Store carries batiks, soap, ceramics jewelry, felt paper products, ritual items, instruments , toys and Christmas items from Nepal.


    Felt slippers, toys, and decorations, upcycled mitts and slipperettes, socks, woven material, cards, bracelets and leather wallets. 


    Global Village Store sources fair trade soccer balls from Pakistan.


    Handmade greeting cards and calendars, as well as  baskets, coasters, plant holders, and Christmas decorations.


    Handmade greeting cards, wood hot plates and chopping board, purses, earrings, Christmas decorations, instruments and toys.


    Crocheted animals and bead jewelry. 


    Cinnamon bark items, bags, scarves, crochet animals, tape measures, coin purses, toys, key rings, baskets, lacquered rocks and boxes and recycled magazine items. 


    Global Village Store sells market baskets from Ghana. 


    Scarves, baby slings and bags, stone figurines and other stone items, yoga bags, purses, bags, aprons and banana pots, wood carvings and jewelry.  


    Global Village Store carries baskets and brooms from Zambia.


    Bead items such as jewelry and hangings, aprons, bibs, booties, dish towels, table runners, napkins, and placemats, scarves, bags, children’s backpacks, bags, purses and key chains, and ceramics.


    Traditional Mexican jewelry, as well as wood and ceramic items that are painted in traditional Mexican design.


    Traditional Nicaraguan designed pottery.


    Alpaca mittens and hats, knitted toys, ceramic water whistles and ocarinas.

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